Posted by: *carrie* | May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day. The one day a year reserved for us to specifically say “Thanks, Mom!”

For most of us, the “Thanks, Mom!” is well-deserved. We see our moms go to work, either at a job or as full-time caregivers – running us around to dozens of classes and parties and events for us. We see our moms spend their evenings cooking and cleaning for the family. If there’s a big family gathering, we see our moms work extra hard at cleaning and cooking for the guests. If we want to go on a special school trip, we see our moms save money by not buying things for themselves. In fact, we see them buy food and clothes and things for everyone else in the family.

All year long.

Then its Mothers Day.  Depending on your particular family situation (be it mom/dad, single mom, two moms, grandma, etc.) and your age, you have probably decided to do something extra-special for mom. This something might  be breakfast in bed, or taking her out to dinner, or cleaning so she doesn’t have to. On this one day. Out of 365 per year.

Moms have kids. Kids learn about society and family and expectations (subconsciously) nonstop. So when they see dad let mom cook dinner and wash the dishes every night except for Mothers Day (and maybe her birthday), they learn that moms – women – are the ones that are supposed to cook and clean. They learn that dads – men – only cook and clean as an exception.

If you have kids at home and you’re doing the fun Mother’s Day things that mom undoubtedly deserves, think about the message you’re sending. Talk to your kids about it. Maybe the best Mother’s Day gift you could give her is to start splitting the household duties 50/50 all 365 days a year. (Ok, maybe not on your birthday).

Let your kids know that mom is special and does work hard and she deserves to have a family support her all the time. Not just on this one day.


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