Posted by: *carrie* | November 14, 2010

The Next Amazing Teen Girl Magazine?

I’ve blogged before about my sorrow at never having embraced (or even read) Sassy magazine. It seems that enough young women are hungry enough for something similar: an alternative to Seventeen or YM or whatever it is kids read these days.

According to The Style Rookie, there’s a very real possibility of seeing a new magazine. Not just a Sassy reboot, but something all new for the current generation.

On the note of that whole Internet thing, a great advantage to creating a magazine today is the access to talent and voice. This is supposed to have a “for the people, by the people” kinda vibe. We want to find the best possible group of people for this project, and a wide range of ages, styles, etc.

If you want to be a part,¬†email us., because we haven’t decided on a title yet. (Hey, if you have an idea for a title, that would be great, too!)

Anything bringing a feminist view to the world is a good thing in my book, so get to those submissions.


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